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Current version: 1.2

Last maintain: 2014-08-14

Supported categories: Gene Ontology

Supported species: 45

Tools number: 6

Supported datatypes: 292

Total ID number: 3013623

Total annotation: 94308148

Finished job: 69325

Newly added datatype: TAIR 10 loci ID, cotton genome loci ID, grape genome transcript ID v2.0

Administrator: Qi You & Xin Yi in Su Zhen's lab

Bug report: Qi You

Old version: EasyGO

Welcome to agriGO -- GO Analysis Toolkit and Database for Agricultural Community

The agriGO is a web-based tool and database for the gene ontology analysis. It supports specicial focus on agricultural species and is user-friendly.

The agriGO is designed to provide deep support to agricultural community in the realm of ontology analysis. Compared to other available GO analysis tools, unique advantages and features of agriGO are:

1. The agriGO especially focuses on agricultural species. It supports 45 species and 292 datatypes currently. And agriGO is designed as an user-friendly web server.

2. New tools including PAGE (Parametric Analysis of Gene set Enrichment), BLAST4ID (Transfer IDs by BLAST) and SEACOMPARE (Cross comparison of SEA) were developed. The arrival of these tools provides users with possibilities for data mining and systematic result exploration and will allow better data analysis and interpretation.

3. The exploratory capability and result visualization are enhanced. Results are provided in different formats: HTML tables, tabulated text files, hierarchical tree graphs, and flash bar graphs.

4. In agriGO, PAGE and SEACOMPARE can be used to carry out cross-comparisons of results derived from different data sets, which is very important when studying multiple groups of experiments, such as in time-course research.

How to cite agriGO

Zhou Du, Xin Zhou, Yi Ling, Zhenhai Zhang, and Zhen Su agriGO: a GO analysis toolkit for the agricultural community Nucleic Acids Research Advance Access published on July 1, 2010, DOI 10.1093/nar/gkq310. Nucl. Acids Res. 38: W64-W70.
Evaluation to the paper of agriGO from Faculty of 1000 biology


Larimichthys crocea is available now!

Panicum virgatum v1.1(phytozome) is available now!

Sorghum bicolor V2.1(phytozome) is available now!

Glycine max Wm82.a2.v1(phytozome) is available now!

Bombyx mori V2.0(SilkDB) is available now!

Phaseolus vulgaris V1.0(phytozome) is available now!

Populus trichocarpa V3.0(phytozome) is available now!

Medicago truncatula V4.0(JCVI) is available now!

Medicago truncatula V3.5(phytozome) is available now!

Glycine max V1.1(phytozome) is available!

A newly designed toolkit developed by our lab, the PlantGSEA web server, is now available. Feel free to try it on!

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